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2 øre 1968

2 øre dated 1968, struck under King Olav V. Grading: XF. Reference: NM (1992) 32. Weight: 4,03 g.

Protocol no. 2987

kr 16,900

1 krone 1878

1 krone dated 1878, struck under King Oscar II. Grading: VG (kh). Reference: NM (1992) 32 type II. Weight: 7,2 g. 

Protocol no. 2986

kr 12,000

Tetradrachm from King Eukratides (171-135 BC)

The Baktrian and Indo-Greek Kingdoms, tetradrachm dated 171-135 BC, struck under King Eukratides. Grading: VF (corr.). Reference: Sear 7570. Weight: 16,39 g.

Protocol no. 2960

kr 5,000

Multiple dirhem from Amir Mansur Ibn Nuh 998 AD (AH 388)

Multiple dirhem dated 998 AD (AH 388), struck under Samanid Amir Mansur Ibn Nuh in Anderabah. Grading: F/VF. Reference: Mitchiner (1977) 750 (sword obv.). Weight: 10,38 g.

Protocol no. 2959

kr 1,450


Queen Josephine’s Commemorative Medal 1876 (original box!)

Queen Joesphine’s commemorative medal dated 1876. Grading: Mint State (original box!). Reference: Kvist & Kvist (2002) 67. Weight: 8,81 g.

Protocol no. 2912

kr 1,700

Solidus (gold!) from Emperor Justinian I (527-565 AD)

Solidus (gold!) dated 527-565 AD, struck under Emperor Justinian I in Carthage. Grading: XF / Mint State. Rev.: Victory. Reference: DOC I 277a. Weight: 4,52 g.

Protocol no. 2816

kr 6,000

Denarius from A. Postumius A. f. Sp. n. Albinus (81 BC)

Denarius serratus from 81 BC, struck under A. Postumius A. f. Sp. n. Albinus in Rome. Grading: VF/XF.  Obv.: Head of Hispania right, wearing veil; HISPAN behind. Rev.: Togate figure standing left, raising right hand; legionary eagle to left, fasces with axe to right. Reference: Crawford 372/2, Postumia 8. Provenance: Roma Numismatics Ltd. XII:518. Weight: 3,79 g.

Protocol no. 2647

kr 3,250

Speciedaler 1632

Speciedaler dated 1632, struck under King Christian IV. Grading: F. Reference: Thesen (2015) 32 A. Weight: 28,34 g.

Protocol no. 2561

kr 24,500