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Solidus (gold!) from Emperor Valens (364 AD)

Solidus (gold!) from 364 AD, struck under Emperor Valens in Antioch. Grading: F. Reference: RIC 2d. Vekt: 4,22 g. 

Protokollnr. 2642

kr 4,800

Brakteat fra kong Sverre Sigurdsson (1177-1202)

Brakteat with cross from 1177-1202, struck under King Sverre Sigurdsson. Grading: VF (edge damage). Reference: Schive (1865) tab. VII:103. Provenance: Upon request. Weight: 0,03 g.

Protocol no. 2641

On Norwegian coins dated pre-1537 export restriction may be enforced.

kr 4,600

1/2 speciedaler 1778

1/2 speciedaler dated 1778, struck under King Christian VII. Grading: VG/F (scratches). Reference: Thesen (2015) 20. Weight: 14,15 g.

Protocol no. 2640

kr 2,500

The Coronation of King Haakon VII and Queen Maud

Medal from the coronation of King Haakon and Queen Maud in 1906. Engraver: Ivar Throndsen. Grading: VF. Reference: Støren og Holst 286. 

Medal catalogue 105

kr 1,200


Kroton in Bruttium, statér ca. 530-500 BC

Kroton in Bruttium, statér dated ca. 530-500 BC. Obv.: Incuse tripod, legs terminating in lion’s paws, with ornaments on and serpents rising from the bowl. Grading: VF (lustrous metal). Reference: SNG ANS 227-234, SNG Lockett 597, HN Italy 2075. Weight: 8,63 g.

Protocol no. 2614

kr 9,000

Speciedaler 1638

Speciedaler dated 1638, struck under King Christian IV. Grading: VF. Reference: Thesen (2015) 38 type II. Weight: 28,95 g.

Protocol no. 2562

kr 31,500

Sweden, 4 daler 1734 plate money

Sweden, 4 daler plate money dated 1734, struck King Fredrik I. Grading: VF. Reference: Ahlstöm et al. (1976) 197. Weight: 2916 g. 

Protocol no. 2481

kr 21,500

Didrachm from Tarentum in Calabria (325-281 BC)

Didrachm from Tarentum in Calabria (325-281 BC)

Tarentum in Calabria, didrachm dated 325-281 BC. Grading: VF. Rev.: Taras on dolphin. Reference: Vlasto 567 var. Provenance: Upon request / purchase. Weight: 7,77 g.

Protocol no. 2127

kr 2,900