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Russia, 10 roubles (gold!) 1899

Russia, 10 roubles (gold!) dated 1899, struck under Emperor Nicholas II. Grading: XF. Reference: Y 64. Weight: 8,52 g. 

Protocol no. 2557

kr 3,550

Russia, 5 roubles (gold!) 1898

Russia, 5 roubles (gold!) dated 1898, struck under Emperor Nicholas II. Grading: VF (hairlines). Reference: Y 62. Weight: 4,25 g. 

Protocol no. 2556

kr 1,850

Danish West Indies, 20 cents 1905

Danish West Indies, 20 cents dated 1905, struck under King Christian IX. Grading: F. Reference: KM 79. Weight: 4,95 g. 

Protocol no. 2555

kr 650

France, 20 francs (gold!) 1813

France, 20 francs (gold!) dated 1813, struck under Emperor Napoleon in Paris. Grading: VF. Reference: KM 695.1. Weight: 6,45 g. 

Protocol no. 1370

kr 2,450


Tetradrachm from Syracuse (485-475 BC)

Syracuse in Sicily, tetradrachm dated ca. 485-475 BC, struck under tyrant Gelon. Grading: VF. Rev.: Quadriga walking right. Adv.: Artemis-Arethusa. Reference: Sear (1978) 913. Weight: 16,51 g.

Protocol no. 2483

kr 6,000

Sweden, 4 daler 1734 plate money

Sweden, 4 daler plate money dated 1734, struck King Fredrik I. Grading: VF. Reference: Ahlstöm et al. (1976) 197. Weight: 2916 g. 

Protocol no. 2481

kr 21,500

New Medal & Decoration Catalogue

Beautiful colour catalogue – Interesting historical stories by historian Kjetil Kvist – Order the medals and decorations before anyone else – Special objects such as royal court medals, noble deed, war cross, to name just a few!

In December, Denarius will distribute a beautiful catalogue showcasing Norwegian and foreign medals and decorations. We will feature many beautiful medals and decorations in gold, silver and bronze. All objects will be for sale! Historian and numismatist Kjetil Kvist has contributed with some interesting texts on medal history. Due to production costs, only a limited number of catalogues will be produced. So if you are interested, be sure to order your copy now! As a receiver of the catalogue, you will be able to order these medals and decorations for a certain amount of time before they are published online! Price: 59,- + standard shipping fee

kr 59

1/2 speciedaler 1821

1/2 speciedaler dated 1821, struck under King Carl XIV Johan. Grading: VF (beautiful patina!). Reference: NM (1992) 17 type I. Weight: 14,33 g.

Protocol no. 2430

kr 6,900