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Octobol from Kallatis in Thrakia (3rd-2nd Cent. BC)

Kallatis in Thrakia octobol dated 3rd-2nd Cent. BC. Grading: F/VF. Obv.: Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress. Rev.: KAΛΛATIA, between grain ear, club and quiver. Reference: Sear 1659, Mionnet I, 1. Weight: 5,31 g.

Protocol no. 2745

kr 1,950

Æ follis from Emperor Justin II (573-574 AD)

Æ follis dated 573-574 AD, struck under Emperor Justin II in Cyzicus. Grading: VF/XF (exceptional deep strike which is very difficult to illustrate with camera). Referanse: Sear 372, DOC.121. Provenance: Størmer’s collection, Oslo, purchased 031198. Vekt: 13,0 g.

Protocol no. 2744

kr 1,850

As from Emperor Claudius (42 AD)

As dated 42 AD, struck under Emperor Claudius in Rome. Grading: VF. Rev.: Constantiae standing. Reference: Sear 1860, RIC 113. Weight: 11,0 g.

Protocol no. 2743

kr 2,500

Æ follis from Emperor Justin II (568-569 AD)

Æ follis dated 568-569 AD, struck under Emperor Justin II in Nicomedia. Reference: Sear 369, DOC.94a. Provenance: A.H. Baldwin 161199. Weight: 14,64 g.

Protocol no 2742

kr 750


Speciedaler 1650

Speciedaler dated 1650, struck under King Frederik III. Grading: F/VF (minor planchet error). Reference: Thesen (2015) 70. Vekt: 27,81 g.

Protocol no. 2726

kr 39,000

Denarius from A. Postumius A. f. Sp. n. Albinus (81 BC)

Denarius serratus from 81 BC, struck under A. Postumius A. f. Sp. n. Albinus in Rome. Grading: VF/XF.  Obv.: Head of Hispania right, wearing veil; HISPAN behind. Rev.: Togate figure standing left, raising right hand; legionary eagle to left, fasces with axe to right. Reference: Crawford 372/2, Postumia 8. Provenance: Roma Numismatics Ltd. XII:518. Weight: 3,79 g.

Protocol no. 2647

kr 3,250

Kroton in Bruttium, statér ca. 530-500 BC

Kroton in Bruttium, statér dated ca. 530-500 BC. Obv.: Incuse tripod, legs terminating in lion’s paws, with ornaments on and serpents rising from the bowl. Grading: VF (lustrous metal). Reference: SNG ANS 227-234, SNG Lockett 597, HN Italy 2075. Weight: 8,63 g.

Protocol no. 2614

kr 9,000

Speciedaler 1632

Speciedaler dated 1632, struck under King Christian IV. Grading: F. Reference: Thesen (2015) 32 A. Weight: 28,34 g.

Protocol no. 2561

kr 24,500