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Denarius from Emperor Caracalla (212 AD)

Denarius fra 212 e. Kr., slått under keiser Caracalla i Roma. Kv. 01 (nydelig portrett). Rev.: sittende Annona. Referanse: RIC IV 195. Vekt: 3,2 g. 

Protokollnr. 3235

kr 1,350

Dinar (gold!) from Caliph al-Mu’izz (961 AD)

Dinar (gold!) from the Fatimid Caliphate, dated 961 AD (AH 361), struck under Caliph al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah in al-Mansuriya. Grading: VF. Reference: Nicol 421. Weight: 3,86 g. 

Protocol no. 3227

kr 2,900

2 kroner 1907

2 kroner dated 1907, struck under King Haakon VII. Grading: XF / Mint State (beautiful patina). Reference: NM (1992) 4 type I B. Weight: 15,0 g.

Protocol no. 3123

kr 2,000

Billon tetradrachm from Emperor Philip II (248-249 AD)

Billon tetradrachm dated 248-249 AD, struck under Emperor Philip II in Seleucia in Pieria, Antioch. Grading: F/VF. Reference: McAlee 1043, Prieur 473. Weight: 14,42 g. 

Protocol no. 3200

kr 950


USA, dollar 1799

USA, dollar dated 1799, struck in Philadelphia. Grading: F. Reference: Yeoman (2017) pp. 222-224; «Draped Bust (13-Star Reverse)». Weight: 26,41 g.

Protocol no. 3118

kr 15,000

Queen Josephine’s Commemorative Medal 1876 (original box!)

Queen Joesphine’s commemorative medal dated 1876. Grading: Mint State (original box!). Reference: Kvist & Kvist (2002) 67. Weight: 8,81 g.

Protocol no. 2912

kr 1,700

Solidus (gold!) from Emperor Justinian I (527-565 AD)

Solidus (gold!) dated 527-565 AD, struck under Emperor Justinian I in Carthage. Grading: XF / Mint State. Rev.: Victory. Reference: DOC I 277a. Weight: 4,52 g.

Protocol no. 2816

kr 6,000

Speciedaler 1632

Speciedaler dated 1632, struck under King Christian IV. Grading: F. Reference: Thesen (2015) 32 A. Weight: 28,34 g.

Protocol no. 2561

kr 24,500