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Thebes in Boeotia, statér ca. 363-338 BC

Thebes in Boeotia, statér dated ca. 363-338 BC, struck under the Kabi magistrate. Grading: VF. Reference: BMC 150, BCD Boeotia 539, SNG Cop. 339, HGC 1332. Weight: 11,83 g.

Protocol no. 2697

kr 4,750

Thebes in Boeotia, statér ca. 368-364 BC

Thebes in Boeotia, statér dated ca. 368-364 BC, struck under the Klio(n)- magistrate. Grading: VF. Reference: BMC 154.155, BCD Boeotia 531, SNG Cop. 343, HGC 1332. Weight: 12,11 g.

Protocol no. 2696

kr 3,900

Statér from Aegina (ca. 525-475 BC)

Aegina in Attica, statér dated 525-475 BC. Grading: F/VF. Obv.: Turtle. Reference: HGC 6, 434; Meadows, Group IIc. Weight: 12,06 g. 

Protocol no. 2695

kr 4,500

Denarius from Mark Antony (32-31 BC)

Denarius dated 32-31 BC, struck under Mark Antony in Patrae(?). Grading: VF (deposit on the lower part of the coin). The coin was struck in order to honor legion 3 (III) before the Actian campaign. Reference: Sear (2000) 1479. Weight: 3,43 g. 

Protocol no. 2694

kr 1,300

Sestertius from Emperor Tiberius (22-23 AD)

Sestertius dated 22-23 AD, struck under Emperor Tiberius in Rome. The coin was a commemorative piece for Emperor Tiberius’ mother, Livia, who died in 23 AD in Caprea. Livia had come into conflict with the emperor, and had therefore escaped to Caprea three years earlier. Rev.: Carpentum (chariot) pulled by two mules. Grading: VF. Reference: Sear (2000) 1738, RIC Tiberius 51. Weight: 26,82 g.

Protocol no. 2693

kr 8,000

Daric (gold!) from The Achaemenid Empire (485-420 BC)

Persia, The Achaemenid Empire, daric (gold!) dated 485-420 BC, struck under the rule of King  Darios I and King Xerxes II in Sardeis. Grading: F. Reference: Carradice Type IIIb, Group A/B (pl. XIII, 27). Weight: 8,34 g.

Protocol no. 2690

kr 5,500

Aes Rude Quadrans 225-217 BC

Aes grave quadrans dated 225-217 BC. Obv.: Helmeted head of Hercules, three pellets below. Grading: VF. Reference: Cr. 35/4. Weight: 63,31 g.

Protocol no. 2679

kr 9,000

Drachm from Sinope in Paphlagonia (425-410 BC)

Sinope in Paphlagonia, drachm dated ca. 425-410 BC. RR – rare specimen! Grading: VF/XF. Reference: Sear (1979) 3689. Weight: 6,14 g. 

Protocol no. 2661

kr 8,500

Drachm from Istros in Moesia (340-313 BC)

Istros in Moesia, drachm dated 340-313 BC. Grading: VF/XF (very good style for type!). Reference: Sear (1978) 1669. Weight: 5,31 g.

Protocol no. 2660

kr 4,000

Denarius from A. Postumius A. f. Sp. n. Albinus (81 BC)

Denarius serratus from 81 BC, struck under A. Postumius A. f. Sp. n. Albinus in Rome. Grading: VF/XF.  Obv.: Head of Hispania right, wearing veil; HISPAN behind. Rev.: Togate figure standing left, raising right hand; legionary eagle to left, fasces with axe to right. Reference: Crawford 372/2, Postumia 8. Provenance: Roma Numismatics Ltd. XII:518. Weight: 3,79 g.

Protocol no. 2647

kr 3,250

As from Emperor Germanicus (50-54 AD)

As dated 50-54 AD, struck under Emperor Germanicus (brother of Claudius I) in Rome. Grading: F. Rev.: Large «SC». Reference: RIC 106 (Claudius). Provenance: Roma Numismatics Ltd. 27:440. Weight: 12,28 g. 

Protocol no. 2642

kr 1,500

Denarius from Emperor Galba (68-69 AD)

Denarius dated 68-69 AD, struck under Emperor Galba. Grading: VF. Reference: RIC 167, C. 287 corr., BMC 34 corr. Weight: 3,21 g. 

Protocol no. 2637

kr 3,500