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Greek coins

Tetradrachm from The Seleucid Empire (296-295 BC)

The Seleucid Empire, tetradrachm dated 296-295 BC, struck under King Seleucus I Nicator. Grading. Good VF. Obv.: Athena and quadriga of elephants. Rev.: Zeus. Reference: SC 130.33e. Weight: 17,06 g.

Protocol no. 3298

kr 10,000

Tetradrachm from Athens (after 449 BC)

Athens in Attica, tetradrachm dated after 449 BC. Grading: VF. Obv.: Athena. Rev.: Owl standing, olive sprig and crescent. Reference: Svoronos pl. XII, SNG Copenhagen 36. Weight: 17,15 g. 

Protocol no. 3300

kr 5,500

Statér from Kroton in Bruttium (ca. 530-500 BC)

Kroton in Bruttium, statér dated ca. 530-500 BC. Grading: VF/XF (cleaned / highly lustrous metal). Obv.: Tripod. References: SNG ANS 227-234; SNG Lockett 597; HN Italy 2075. Weight: 8,21 g. 

Protocol no. 3294

kr 10,500

Drachm from Alexander the Great (336-323 BC)

Drachm from King Alexander the Great (336-323 BC), King of The Macedonian Kingdom. Posthumous strike from King Philip III Arrhidaios in Sardes 322-319/8 BC. Grading: F/VF. Adv: Hercules. Rev: Zeus on throne. Reference: Price (1991) 2637. Weight: 4,16 g. 

Protocol no. 3229

kr 950

Hemidrachm from Akragas in Sicily (ca. 420-410 BC)

Akragas in Sicily, hemidrachm dated ca. 420-410 BC. Grading: F/VF. Obv.: Eagle clutching hare in talons. Reference: SNG ANS 1010; SNG Copenhagen 59. Weight: 1,73 g.

Protocol no. 2333

kr 2,000

Statér from Leukas in Akarnania (ca. 320-280 BC)

Leukas in Akarnania, statér dated ca. 320-280 BC. grading: F/VF. Reference: BCD Akarnania 269. Weight: 8,28 g. 

Protocol no. 3234

kr 1,450

Drachm from Istros in Moesia (340/30-313 BC)

Istros in Moesia, drachm dated 340/30-313 BC. Grading: VF. Reference: HGC 3, 1801. Weight: 4,71 g. 

Protocol no. 3232

kr 1,100

Drachm from Aegina (ca. 550-525 BC)

Aegina, drachm dated ca. 550-525 BC. Grading: VF. Obv.: Turtle with smooth back. References: BMC 39; Milbank, Period III. Weight: 6,05 g. 

Protocol no. 3226

kr 7,000

Hemidrachm from Syracuse (ca. 344-339/8 BC)

Syracuse in Sicily, hemidrachm dated ca. 344-339/8 BC, struck under Timoleon. Grading: VF. Obv.: Zeus Eleutherios right. Rev.: Upright thunderbolt, to right, eagle standing right. References: SNG ANS 477-88; HGC 2, 1440. Weight: 13,27 g.

Protocol no. 3193

kr 2,250

Nomos from Tarentum (ca. 320-315 BC)

Tarentum in Southern Apulia, nomos dated ca. 320-315 BC. Grading: VF. Rev.: Dolphin rider holding kantharos in his right hand. References: Vlasto 665, HN Italy 947. Weight: 7,7 g. 

Protocol no. 3163

kr 2,000

Tetradrachm from Alexander the Great (336-323 BC)

Tetradrachm from King Alexander the Great (336-323 BC), King of The Macedonian Kingdom. Concurrent strike from Byblos (ca. 330 – ca. 320 BC). Grading: VF (corr.). Obv: Hercules. Rev: Zeus on throne. Reference: Price (1991) 3426A. Weight: 16,7 g. 

Protocol no. 3018

kr 2,750

16 litrai from Syracuse (274-216 BC)

Syracuse in Sicily, 16 litrai dated 274-216 BC, struck under Tyrant Hieron II. Grading: VF. Obv.: Queen Philistis (the wife of Hieron). Rev.: Quadriga. Reference: SNR 62, 1983. Weight: 13,55 g.

Protocol no. 3156

kr 10,000