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Roman coins

Denarius from C.P. Carbo (121 BC)

Denarius dated 121 BC, struck under moneyer Cn. Papirius Carbo. Grading: F. Obv: Helmeted head of Roma. Rev: Jupiter and quadriga. Reference: Sear (2000) 154. Weight: 3,81 g.

Protocol no. 2589

kr 500

Antoninianus from Emperor Postumus (260-265 AD)

Antoninianus dated 260-265 AD, struck under Emperor Postumus in Cologne. Grading: VF. Rev.: Hercules. Reference: Sear (2005) 10946. Weight: 3,32 g.

Protocol no. 2586

kr 600

Denarius from Octavian (32-31 BC)

Denarius dated 32-31 BC, struck under Octavian in Rome(?). Rev.: Sitting mercury playing the lyre. Grading: F/VF (one scratch obv.). Reference: Sear (2000) 1550. Weight: 3,98 g. 

Protocol no. 2581

kr 3,500

Denarius from Julius Cæsar (47-46 BC)

Denarius dated 47-46 BC, struck under Julius Cæsar in a North African mint. Rev.: Aenas carrying Palladium and his father Anchises. Grading: VF. Reference: Sear (2000) 1402. Weight: 3,98 g. 

Protocol no. 2580

kr 10,000

Quinarius from Octavian (29-28 BC)

Quinarius dated 29-28 BC, struck under Octavian in Rome(?). Rev.: Victory standing on a cista mystica flanked by two snakes. Grading: VF/XF. Reference: Sear (2000) 1568. Weight: 1,53 g. 

Protocol no. 2579

kr 2,350

Denarius from C. Fonteius (114-113 BC)

Denarius dated 114-113 BC, struck by moneyer C. Fonteius. Obv.: Janiformed head of Dioscuri. Grading: VF. Reference: Sear (2000) 167. Weight: 3,85 g.

Protocol no. 2524

kr 2,200

As from Emperor Claudius (42 AD)

As dated 42 AD, struck under Emperor Claudius in Rome. Rev.: Libertas holding pileus. Grading: VF (beautiful style and patina). Reference: Sear (2000) 1860. Weight: 11,21 g. 

Protocol no. 2490

kr 3,000

As from Emperor Augustus (7 BC)

As dated 7 BC, struck under Emperor Augustus in Rome. Grading: F. Reference: RIC 432. Weight: 9,77 g. 

Protocol no. 2422


kr 500

Denarius from Pompeius Magnus (42-40 BC)

Denarius dated 42-40 BC, struck under Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius in Sicily. Rev.: Neptun flanked by the brothers Anapias and Amphinomus. Grading: VF/XF. Reference: Cr. 511/3a. Provenance: Emporium Hamburg 77:362. Weight: 3,9 g.

Protocol no. 2395

kr 9,750

Follis from Emperor Constantine II (317 AD)

Billon reduced follis dated 317 AD, struck under Emperor Constantine II in Trier. Rev.: Sol. Grading: F/VF. Reference: Sear (2014) 17112. Weight: 2,92 g.

Protocol no. 2384

kr 400

Denarius from Emperor Hadrian (137 AD)

Denarius dated 137 AD, struck under Emperor Hadrian in Rome. Grading: VF. Rev.: Salus feeding snake. Reference: Sear (2002) 3540. Weight: 3,1 g.

Protocol no. 2373

kr 550

The Widow’s Mite

«The widow’s mite», a 2000 year old Judaic bronze coin mentioned in the Gospel of Mark 12: 41-42. 

kr 190