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27 BC - 220 AD

Augustus & Agrippa dupondius (20-10 BC)

Dupondius dated 20-10 BC, struck under Augustus in Nemausus, Gaul. Grading: F/VF. Obv.: Augustus and Agrippa. Rev.: Crocodile chained to a palm. References: Sear 1729. Vekt: 11,45 g.

Protokollnr. 3287

kr 2,000

Denarius from Emperor Caracalla (212 AD)

Denarius fra 212 e. Kr., slått under keiser Caracalla i Roma. Kv. 01 (nydelig portrett). Rev.: sittende Annona. Referanse: RIC IV 195. Vekt: 3,2 g. 

Protokollnr. 3235

kr 1,350

Denarius from Emperor Hadrian (134-138 AD)

Denarius dated 134-138 AD, struck under Emperor Hadrian. Grading: VF. Reference: RIC 326. Weight: 3,14 g. 

Protocol no. 3160

kr 1,250

The Tribute Penny (ca. 16 AD)

Denarius dated ca. 16 AD, struck under Emperor Tiberius in Lugdunum. Grading: F (corroded). This coin type is mentioned in Mark 12: 14-17: “… Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.”  Obv: Tiberius. Rev: Livia. References: Hendin (1987) 304, Sear (2000) 1763. Weight: 3,41 g. 

Protocol no. 1335

kr 1,500

Judaea Capta Denarius from Emperor Vespasian (69-70 AD)

Denarius dated 69-70 AD, struck under Emperor Vespasian in Rome. Grading: VF. The reverse type celebrates the success of Vespasian and Titus in quelling the First Jewish Revolt. Obv.: Judaea seated beside trophy. Reference: Sear 2296, RIC² 2. Weight: 3,04 g.

Protocol no. 3029

kr 3,600

Denarius from Emperor Augustus (2 BC – 4 AD)

Denarius dated 2 BC – 4 AD, struck under Emperor Augustus in Lugdunum (Lyon). Grading: F. Obv.: Augustus. Rev.: Gaius and Lucius Caesar (the sons of Agrippa and Augustus’ daughter Julia). Reference: Sear 1597, RIC 207. Weight: 3,7 g. 

Protocol no. 3008

kr 2,000

Tridrachm from Emperor Trajan (112-114 AD)

Tridrachm dated 112-114 AD, struck under Emperor Trajan in Bostra. Grading: VF. Rev.: Bundle of six grain ears. Reference: SNG Cop 215. Provenance: Collection of Rui (Norway) 13 December 1991. Weight: 9,65 g.

Protocol no. 2938

kr 4,000

Sestertius in honour of Divus Antoninus Pius (162 AD)

Sestertius dated 162 AD, struck under Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus in honour of Divus Antoninus Pius. Mint: Rome. Grading: F. Rev.: Column of Antoninus Pius. Reference: Sear 5199. Provenance: Collection of Rui (Norway) 13 December 1991. Weight: 21,1 g.

Protocol no. 2937

kr 2,000

Dupondius from Emperor Vespasian (74 AD)

Dupondius dated 74 AD, struck under Emperor Vespasian. Grading: VF/XF (beautiful patina!). Rev.: Felicitas. Referanse: RIC 716. Vekt: 11,35 g. 

Protocol no. 2865

kr 7,000

As from Emperor Caligula (37-38 AD)

As dated 37-38 AD, struck under Emperor Caligula in Rome as a commemorative issue for Germanicus (dead 19 BC). Obv.: Germanicus. Grading: F (corr.). Rev.: Neptun. Reference: Sear 1821. Weight: 10,03 g.

Protocol no. 2810

kr 575

As from Emperor Augustus (11-12 AD)

As dated 11-12 AD, struck under Emperor Augustus in Rome. Grading: F. Reference: Sear 1689. Weight: 10,22 g.

Protocol no. 2809

kr 1,500

As fra keiser Caligula (37-41 e. Kr.)

As dated 37-41 AD, struck under Emperor Caligula in Rome as a commemorative issue for Agrippa (dead 12 BC). Grading: F. Rev.: Neptun. Reference: Sear 1812, RIC 58. Weight: 8,75 g.

Protocol no. 2808

kr 975