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The Middle East

Dinar (gold!) from Caliph al-Mu’izz (961 AD)

Dinar (gold!) from the Fatimid Caliphate, dated 961 AD (AH 361), struck under Caliph al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah in al-Mansuriya. Grading: VF. Reference: Nicol 421. Weight: 3,86 g. 

Protocol no. 3227

kr 2,900

Dinar (gold!) from Caliph al-Mahdi (775-785 AD)

Dinar (gold!) from The Abbasid Caliphate 775-785 AD (AH 158-169), struck under Caliph al-Mahdi. Grading: VF / XF. Reference: A. 210. Weight: 4,18 g. 

Protocol no. 3194

kr 3,500

Dinar (gold!) from Caliph Harun al-Rashid 800 AD (AH 178)

Dinar (gold!) from The Abbasid Caliphate 800 AD (AH 184), struck under Caliph Harun al-Rashid in Misr (Cairo). Grading: F/VF (lightly clipped). Reference: Album 218.11. Weight: 3,93 g. 

Protocol no. 3099

kr 2,950

Dinar (gold!) from King Suleyman I 1500 (AH 926)

Dinar (gold!) from The Ottoman Empire 1500 (AH 926), struck under King Suleyman I. Grading: VF. Reference: A. 1317. Weight: 3,4 g. 

Protocol no. 3105

kr 2,500

Dinar (gold!) from Caliph al-Mahdi 775-785 AD (AH 168)

Dinar (gold!) from The Abbasid Caliphate 775-785 AD (AH 168), struck under Caliph al-Mahdi. Grading: VF. Reference: A. 214. Weight: 3,99 g. 

Protocol no. 3104

kr 3,400

Dinar (gold!) from Caliph al-Radi 934-940 AD (AH 324)

Dinar (gold!) from The Abbasid Caliphate 934-940 AD (AH 324), struck under Caliph al-Radi in Madinat al Salam. Grading: F. Reference: A. 254.1. Weight: 3,34 g. 

Protocol no. 3103

kr 2,000

Drachm from King Shapur I (240-272 AD)

The Sasanian Kingdom, drachm dated 240-272 AD, struck under King Shapur I. Grading: F/VF. Reference: Göbl type I. Weight: 4,16 g.

Protocol no. 3002

kr 2,500

Dinar (gold!) from Amir Abu Nasr Firuz Kharshadh (1009/10 AD)

Dinar (gold!) dated 1009/10 AD (AH 400), struck under the Amir Baha’ al-Dawla Abu Nasr Firuz Kharshah of the Buyid dynasty. Mint: Suq al-Ahwaz. Grading: Good VF. Reference: Album 1573. Weight: 4,26 g. 

Protocol no. 3042

kr 3,200

Dinar (gold!) from Amir Nasr II ibn Ahmad 944 AD (AH 332)

Samanids, dinar (gold!) dated 944 AD (AH 332), struck under Amir Nasr II ibn Ahmad in Nishapur. Grading: VF. Reference: Album 1454. Provenance: The Yacob and Tali Shavleyan Collection. Weight: 5,3 g.

Protocol no. 2973

kr 4,250

Multiple dirhem from Amir Mansur Ibn Nuh 998 AD (AH 388)

Multiple dirhem dated 998 AD (AH 388), struck under Samanid Amir Mansur Ibn Nuh in Anderabah. Grading: F/VF. Reference: Mitchiner (1977) 750 (sword obv.). Weight: 10,38 g.

Protocol no. 2959

kr 1,450

The Sasanian Kingdom, drachm 590-628 AD

The Sasanian Kingdom, drachm dated 590-628 AD, struck under King Khusro II. Grading: VF/XF. The wings on the king’s crown are a metaphor for the victory over Wahram. Reference: Karlsson (2015) 70. Weight: 2,92 g. 

Protokollnr. 2951

kr 500

Arab-Byzantine fals from the Umayyad Image coinage (670-690 AD)

Arab-Byzantine fals, from the Umayyad Image coinage, dated 670-690 AD. Grading: F/VF. Rev.: Emperor standing facing, holding long cross and globus cruciger, star above globus; “bismillah” down left field. References: Ilisch Type 2.2, Walker, Arab-Byzantine 29. Weight: 4,57 g.

Protocol no. 2845

kr 1,200