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Netherlands, goldgulden (gold!) 1455-1496

Netherlands, goldgulden (gold!) dated 1455-1496, struck under Bishop David von Burgund of Utrecht. Fine to Very Fine condition. Fr. 191. 3,44 g.

Protocol no. 3630

kr 6,250

1 skilling “DANKSE” 1771

1 skilling «DANKSE» antedated 1771, struck under King Christian VII in Copenhagen in 1779-1783. Fine condition (corr.). H 37b; S18. 10,24 g.

Protocol no. 3601

kr 1,950

England, shilling 1653

England, shilling dated 1653, struck during the Commonwealth period. Very Fine condition. Instead of the traditional Latin, the inscription on the Commonwealth coins was in English to provide a truer expression of Protestantism. S 3217. 5,36 g. 

Protocol no. 3604

kr 7,500

England, sixpence 1603

England, sixpence dated 1603, struck under King James I. Very Good condition. S. 2647. 2,56 g.

Protocol no. 3458

kr 300

England, halfgroat 1351-1361

England, halfgroat dated 1351-1361, struck under King Edward III in London. Fine to Very Fine condition. S 1537. 2,01 g.

Protocol no. 3516

kr 900

Denmark, speciedaler 1624

Denmark, speciedaler dated 1624, struck under King Christian IV. Fine to Very Fine condition. H 55A. 27,88 g. 

Protocol no. 3536

kr 13,500

Italy, dirhem fraction 1166-1180

Italy, dirhem fraction dated 1166-1180, struck under King William II in Palermo. Fine to Very Fine condition. MEC XIV 400. 1,77 g.

Protocol no. 3500

kr 800

Russia, 1/2 rouble 1705

Russia, 1/2 rouble (poltina) dated 1705, struck under Emperor Peter the Great. Very Fine condition. Bitkin 550; KM#NC3. 13,95 g.

Protocol no. 3568

kr 19,500

Netherlands, double groat 1404-1417

Netherlands, double groat dated 1404-1417, struck in Holland. Fine to Very Fine condition. Chalon 137; Vanhondt G. 559. 2,95 g. 

Protocol no. 3465

kr 2,000

Italy, fractional dirhem 1154-1166

Italy, fractional dirhem dated 1154-1166, struck under King William in Palermo. Fine condition. Spahr 96. 0,56 g.

Protocol no. 3504

kr 900

Italy, fractional dirhem 1184-1194

Italy, fractional dirhem dated 1184-1194, struck in Palermo or Messina under King Tancred of Sicily. Very Fine condition. Spahr 138. 0,85 g.

Protocol no. 3503

kr 900

Russia, rouble 1913

Russia, rouble dated 1913, struck under Emperor Nicholas II in St. Petersburg to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty. Extremely Fine to Mint State condition. Bitkin 336. Weight: 20,11 g. 

Protocol no. 3567

kr 3,250